Translation Bot

translate bot

This bot was created to aid in my duties in my position as English to Spanish translator for cSINO here at UCSC under the education department. I was tasked to translate various CS concepts from K-12 lessons created by the organization.

The idea first came to me because I would have to spend hours parsing through google slides for any english text that needed to be translated, but after a week or so of doing that, I thought to myself that there had to be a more efficient way of doing my work. And after a few days of research, I found out about the google slides API and how I could use it to automate the process of translating my work. I decided to use the Deepl API as wel, as it has been, in my experience, the better translation tool on the internet

The bot is written in python and uses the google slides API to parse through the slides and find the text that needs to be translated. It then uses the Deepl API to translate the text and then creates a processed text file with all the translated text in the same order that it was recieved, this makes it a little easier for me as I can be sure to just focus on double checking a grammatical errors or logical errors in the bots translation.

Here is the same portion of a text file given to translate bot and the output of the bot. As you can see, the bot is able to translate the text with a high degree of accuracy, and while it is not perfect, it vastly reduces the time expenditure of translating the text manually.